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​​​​​Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more than one entertainer should I need more?  Of course.  That's what the "and Company" stands for. Arla has a variety of entertainers to choose from.

What kind of face paint do you use?
Paint brands are VERY important to the professional face painter. We use paints that have FDA approved ingredients for the skin. We do not use acrylic paints.  Most of  my paints are Snazaroo, which are made specifically for children's skin.

How much do you charge?
Prices vary depending on the location, services being offered, number of guests, and amount of time.  Contact Arla for a quote: 703-901-2752 or email her at

When is payment expected?
Payment is expected at the beginning of your event, unless the contract requires earlier payment. Contact Arla for more information.  You may pay by check, cash, PAYPAL (for an extra fee) or credit card (for an extra 5% fee.)

How should I pay the entertainer?

Payment is preferred as we arrive. That way you can tend to birthday cake, presents, etc.
after I leave, but you can pay at the end of the show if you so choose. Please have the money
ready, as I usually have other parties to attend and do not have extra time to wait for you to make out the check.

Make checks for Arla's performance payable to: "Arla Albers" or "Faces By Arla"

Am I supposed to tip?
Tips are always appreciated, but not expected. If Arla, or any other entertainer for that matter, does an exceptional job, it's perfectly acceptable to tip her.

How many faces can you do in one hour?
Arla paints 20 faces, comfortably, in an hour. 

Do you do cheek art or full faces?
We specialize in full face painting which does not take more time than cheek art. Most professional face artists nowadays do full faces, rather than cheek art.  As a rule, only moms doing this as a hobby do cheek art these days.  We are professionally trained artists.  If a child does not want the face painted, we'll be happy to do arms, legs, etc.  

Are you insured?
Yes.  If you would like, for an additional $50 you are welcome to ask for an insurance rider for your entire event.

How long have you been face painting?

Arla has been face painting for over 27 years.

Should I do something while Arla is doing face painting?
Many parents find that doing an activity such as a game or decorating white lunch bags as their goodie bag (with stickers, markers, and possibly glitter) is a wonderful activity during the face painting.

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