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or email Arla at Arla@Facesbyarla.com


Call or email Arla@FacesByArla.com  to get more information

Pregnant Bellies (Gestational Art)

Pregnant belly painting is usually done in the 9th month when the belly is nice and hard. 

It usually takes only 1-2 hours,

sometimes only 1/2 hour depending on the design. 
Arla uses only paints that have FDA approved ingredients.

Choose your own design and email it to Arla

or give her an idea that she can design a belly specifically for you.
There is no harm from the paint to the baby, so you don't have to worry.

You can usually sit comfortably while it's done.
Pictures from this gestational art make a nice keepsake.
You can do it by rolling up your shirt, or if you prefer, less clothes

Arla also does certificates to give for baby showers.

Painting the mom's belly can be a lot of fun for all.
Gestational art starts at $50 and can be done
at the shower or in the comfort of your home or my studio.  

Gestational Art or Pregnant Belly Paintings